Duplicate of human skull made from resin in between wooden skull combine with duplicate teeth made of bones

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duplucate of human skull made from metal by BaliSkull


The skull is a bone structure that forms the head in vertebrates. It supports the structures of the face and provides a protective cavity for the brain. The skull is composed of two parts: the cranium and the mandible. In humans, these two parts are the neurocranium and the viscerocranium (facial skeleton) that includes the mandible as its largest bone. The skull forms the anterior-most portion of the skeleton and is a product of cephalisation—housing the brain, and several sensory structures such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. In humans these sensory structures are part of the facial skeleton.

Functions of the skull include protection of the brain, fixing the distance between the eyes to allow stereoscopic vision, and fixing the position of the ears to enable sound localisation of the direction and distance of sounds. In some animals, such as horned ungulates (mammals with hooves), the skull also has a defensive function by providing the mount (on the frontal bone) for the horns. [source : “https://en.wikipedia.org”]

limited edition of skulls made from  jabon by BaliSkull
Limited edition of Skulls made from Bone of Jabon

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duplicate of skull tiger made from brass by BaliSkull
TIGER SKULL: IDR 3.500.000 : USD 350
Dimension approx 32 cm : made of BRASS